Ring in the New Year: Travel via Private Jet Charter to the Ultimate New Year’s Destination

Travel via Private Jet Charter

New Year’s Eve is celebrated the world over by billions of people. It’s a night of parties, champagne, and counting down the last second of the old year. Don’t miss out on a single moment by booking a private jet charter to one of the world’s top New Year’s Eve destinations. On a private jet, the journey is a part of the fun, so you can start your celebration the moment you step on the plane.

Celebrate First in Sydney, Australia

Celebrate First in Sydney, Australia

Be among the first in the world to greet the New Year in Sydney. The city goes all-out for the holiday, with breathtaking fireworks displays at Sydney Harbour, where you can watch them with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. There’s also plenty of other entertainment, including a parade of illuminated boats on the harbor, aerial acrobatics, and even an Aboriginal smoking ceremony to cleanse bad spirits. In addition, New Year’s Eve is in Australia’s summer, so you can ditch the winter weather at home for sun, warmth, and spectacular beaches before the New Year’s parties start.

Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square

Be a part of the quintessential New Year’s Eve celebration in New York City by taking part in the Times Square celebrations. There are celebrity hosts, famous musicians, and, most importantly, the 12-foot wide crystal ball that drops in time to a countdown at midnight. If you’d rather not be out in the cold and the crowds, you can book a reservation at one of the high-end restaurants that overlook Times Square.

Walk on the Wild Side in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for its annual Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for its annual Carnival, so is it any surprise that its New Year’s Eve celebrations are equally exciting. The world’s largest New Year’s party, called the Réveillon, is on the famous Copacabana Beach, where you can see live music and dance performances on an oceanfront stage, see spectacular fireworks displays, and watch locals dressed in white for good luck toss flowers into the ocean for the sea goddess Yemanjá.

Party for Three Days in Edinburgh

Edinburgh starts its New Year’s celebration, called Hogmanay, on December 30th with a procession of torches through the city that is followed by fireworks. The next day, there are parties in the streets, outdoor concerts, and a huge ceilidh, or a traditional Celtic party. The festivities culminate at midnight with more fireworks over Edinburgh castle and with everyone singing Auld Lang Syne. On New Year’s Day, you can join those brave enough to jump into the River Forth at the end of the Loony Dook charity parade, or go dog-sledding in the park. There are more concerts and festivities, including the Scot:Lands arts and music festival.

Viva Las Vegas

The Strip goes car-free for the night so it can turn into a massive party. See live bands, laser shows, and pyrotechnic displays on the Strip of join a party in one of Las Vegas’ many resorts and casinos. There will be concerts and entertainment wherever you choose to go, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. The midnight fireworks are visible all along the Strip . so you can watch them from the comfort of your luxury hotel room with a glass of champagne.

Why Travel on a Private Jet?

A private jet charter removes stress and hassle from your trip, so that you can start celebrating your holiday the moment you step onboard. The flight is catered to your requests, so you can have the food, drink, and entertainment that you want.

Private jets can be booked last-minute, in case your travel plans change, and can fly directly to your destination, so you can maximize your time celebrating. A jet charter with ECS Jets isn’t just a means of transportation. It’s part of the experience and the fun of celebrating New Year’s Eve.

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