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In today’s fast paced world we measure time in nanoseconds. Your work or home-life no longer get put on hold because you left the office or you’re out on the golf course. Now you have to be ready every time all the time and react in a moment’s notice. Of course, you’ve done the basics: you’ve ensured that your smartphone is the cutting edge for all of your team and corporate members and naturally your other devices, tablets and desktops are all state of the art with tools that can keep you in communication up to the second. Your cars synchronize with your phones and tell you when you’re too close to the adjacent car ahead or behind you and let you know the best route to take. When traveling on business you no doubt you even have your ground transit planned carefully and utilize a private car service of one kind or another. Now for the question you should be asking yourself: when I fly should I be utilizing a private jet service? To put it simply: yes. travel smarter, not harder.

Your Schedule
Let’s begin with convenience. Flying commercially today is cumbersome at best with all of the stipulations and standards. If you’ve traveled even once in the recent past you know all too well the numerous and unavoidable regulations one must endure just to board a plane. Arguably, most egregious is the fact that you have to arrive 2 to 3 hours before your flight departs. So, when should you arrive for your chartered private jet trip? If you use a pro like Exclusive Charter Service, less than 30 minutes. You and the team can be boarded and ready to leave in less time than it takes to check your luggage flying with one of the commercial liners. ECS operates at the speed of life so you can make your business trip or arrive home on time for a special someone’s birthday.

Your Needs
Another conundrum flying commercial is all of the transferring. Unfortunately because of industry logistics it’s difficult to book long-distance flights from point A to point B without 5 touchdowns in between; however, if you charter a private jet with ECS you can count on a safe, direct and efficient flight plan to get you and the team (if you’re traveling together) to your destination without layovers, transfers and the circuitous route so common with commercial flying. If you were traveling by car you would ensure the trip fit your needs to a “T” and an exclusive charter service permits you to do the same in the air with unparalleled convenience. ECS is a smarter way to travel.

Your Time

Imagine your team needs to leave from New York to Los Angeles for a meeting on Thursday. Your commercial flight leaves Wednesday and you should arrive in the evening. It was an unplanned trip so you’re paying those last minute fees, in addition to all of the hidden fees we’ve come to expect. Due to a flight delay, something commercial airliners have almost 80% of the time according to the department of transportation, you don’t arrive until around midnight and still have to make it to your hotel. Now you’re up until the early hours of the morning to make those last minute edits to your presentation and it’s going to show in the boardroom. Instead, you could have booked an exclusive charter jet with ECS jets, arrived on time and without complication and even had ground transportation arranged at your convenience so you could get to your hotel asap. As opposed to waiting in lines for a few hours, invasive security checks, bad food, a worse flight and a delay without a refund you could have been flying smart in style, comfort and been given the opportunity to prepare before even arriving at your destination.


For you and your team to thrive you’ve made all the best decisions you could from hiring the right people for the right job to securing the best technology to ensure communication and implementation are optimized to the fullest. Because you and your team are always ready to react to business needs you need a travel plan and a travel team as flexible and efficient as you are. fortunately, Exclusive Charter Service is the team that can provide you with a host of private jets to fit your every need whether you’re traveling solo or with up to 25 passengers to just about anywhere in the world. ECS Jets is ready to take you wherever you need to go so you can close your next deal, make it to the big game, or get back home for the holidays. Are you ready to travel smarter?

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