Travel Smart Hotels

Travel Smart Hotels

Business travelers account for an enormous portion of the hospitality industry’s revenue generating a few hundred billion dollars every year. With that in mind there are a number of hotels seeking to cater specifically to the business clientele by offering options and amenities this crowd might find enticing, without skimping on style or luxury. Not surprisingly at the top of the list is something as simple as WiFi access (even more surprising, and deplorably so, is how many hotels lack this accommodation) but the business traveler has a real need for connectivity via smartphones, tablets and various personal devices in common areas and conference rooms. Furthermore, among the contemporary business globetrotter there is a desire for networking and local services your average holiday traveler isn’t considering. With that in mind we decided to share with you two travel smart Business Hotels found in New York. Whether your next conference meeting our weekend getaway is in NYC either of these options are ideal!

CitizenM in Times Square


Renowned for it’s unique aesthetic and common spaces, CitizenM is a new kind of hotel for the Millennial with a focus on providing spaces and services for the connected traveler. As well as an anti-jet lag rain shower, (not exactly sure what that is but i can’t wait to try it) CitizenM also offers extra large and extra comfortable king size beds so you can get your rest and recovery as soon as you arrive. Where you find a typical lobby in most hotels – concierge desk, some atrocious furniture and a stray luggage cart – at CitizenM you’ll find luxurious but not ostentatious seating arrangements for you to connect with other business travelers. It’s a modern hotel for the contemporary business traveler who’s looking to get some work done before the conference in a cozy, communal space where she or he can make a few new connections.


Ace Hotel in the Flatiron District


Another hotel catering to the modern business traveler (and more than a few well-known entrepreneurs) while boasting of an assortment of room sizes including loft suites, and fantastic community spaces, Ace is a little less sleek and trim and a bit more hip and organic; one might even say it’s artsy. Regardless, once you arrive you’ll be pleased with the amenities including an in-house coffee bar (with debatably the best cup o’ joe you can find in NYC) decor including all spectrum of art and design. Like CitizenM, large communal tables for people to host members prior to heading into the conference room, and of course, connectivity with WiFi. Ace Hotel is full of character and not the least bit pretentious despite the opulence and luxury contained within. Of course, it’s found inside the prestigious Flatiron Building to boot.

For those weary of the traditional hotel and associated lack of ingenuity, both CitizenM and Ace Hotel are not only a reprieve but a rejuvenation in the hospitality industry seeking to serve a new business traveler and entrepreneur: the Millennial. Still, regardless of your age, one must admit these hotels are blazing a new trail in comfort and connectivity, two amenities of paramount importance to all travelers.

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