There Can Only Be One at the Masters this April

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Only one iconic green jacket can be awarded each year at the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club. In all, only 48 jackets have ever been bestowed to the tournament’s winners, with legendary names like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods heading that hallowed list of players who have won at Augusta National more than once.

Champions in this exclusive company enjoy the rewards that go with such rarified success: international fame, seven-figure paydays for sinking clutch putts on the 18th hole, traveling to work by chartered jet to exotic locales all over the globe.  Right now, one of those players may even be on a private jet from Exclusive Charter Service, flying in luxury and style to a tune-up tournament in Orlando, Houston, or Puerto Rico, in advance of the Masters at Augusta the first week of April.

In 2015, millions of golf fans across the country watched as Jordan Spieth, the 21-year-old phenom, was awarded his champion’s green jacket embroidered with the club’s fabled logo. Perhaps a few thousand devotees were lucky enough to see the award ceremony live as Spieth, after dominating the field over the back nine, slipped his arms into this most coveted piece of sports apparel. An even more select few were there to witness the anointing of this new Masters champion after flying to Augusta National aboard a chartered ECS jet.  

In fact, aside from actually competing on Augusta’s legendary greens, there may be no finer way to experience this most prestigious of events on the PGA tour.  The tournament many players have called the Holy Grail of American golf.

This year’s Masters at Augusta National begins with the practice rounds Monday April 4th through Wednesday April 6th, with the opening swings of the actual competition starting Thursday April 7th. Of course, no one knows which golfers will make the final cut, bringing their virtuoso drives, chips and putts into the high drama of the third and fourth rounds come Saturday and Sunday.  What is guaranteed is that to stand amidst the blooming azaleas, majestic pines and manicured greens of Augusta National, following the golfers as the pressure mounts and the stakes soar, is one of the singular spectator experiences in all of sports.

For golf aficionados, is there any finer place to be on a gorgeous spring weekend than in southeastern Georgia, watching the best golfers in the world go head-to-head on one of the most famous and most beautiful courses on earth?  Is there a better destination to soar off to in an ECS private jet with a most valued client, who also happens to be a die-hard golf junkie?  Imagine the tales your own foursome would tell after chartering your own jet for a weekend at Augusta?

(Other than actually winning a green jacket.)

Even if all the ceremony, the drama, the stunning greenery and rarified competition of the Masters is but a passing fancy, downtown Augusta with its historic buildings, boutiques, and restaurants serving up the finest Southern cuisine, makes an ideal spring destination for an ECS flight with the company of that someone special.

No matter who earns his fabled green jacket at the Masters on Sunday April 10th, whether it’s Tiger Woods for a fifth time, Phil Mickelson for a fourth, Jordan Spieth for a stunning back-to-back, or a link’s dream achieved for a first-timer, each championship at Augusta is singularly historic.  The ultimate victor, along with every other competitor in the field, will be aiming high for birdies, and even higher for eagles.  Neither of which will ever soar as high, or as far, as an Exclusive Charter Jet on-route to another world-champion destination.


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