The Charter Way

The Charter Way



Today, when it comes to travel accommodations the spectrum of options is vast, to say the least but only a charter service can get you from point A to point B the way you deserve. Instead of a commercial airliner you need a private charter jet service that’s amenable to your schedule, flexible to your needs, and can boast of a long list of enthusiastic patrons. Exclusive Charter Jets is that service. Travel smarter with ECS jets whether you’re looking to make it to New York for the next Mets game this world series or if you need to catch a flight into London for a business meeting. When you travel for business or pleasure exclusive jet service with ECS is the way to fly.


In fact, when you elect to use Exclusive Charter Service for your travel needs you will have access to the entire world. Maybe you need to invite the whole office to your next conference on the west coast. Travel for up to 25 people can be accommodated as well as coordinated ground transportation once you arrive. Or maybe you need to get to Hong Kong? Perhaps during the flight you and the team need to finalize a strategy for the pending negotiations? Great. Exclusive can get you there safely and efficiently in a state of the art cabin where you can comfortably conference and game plan prior to touchdown. Maybe just after your meeting you want to fly back to the states with a brief stop in Atlanta to pick up the family before making your way to Hawaii for that vacation you promised them. Well, ECS has the  ability  smoothly coordinate for you and your family on one of our standard or midsize jets with amenities like top-notch food and comfortable, five-star seating. Imagine having to coordinate a travel schedule like this with a commercial airliner. Consider the wasted time from delays and layovers and the additional miles you would have to travel because of transfers, not to mention all of the associated stress. Consider how rewarding it will be to avoid all of that hassle and enjoy the luxury travel experience you deserve.


Exclusive Charter Jets provides an in-flight recess from daily stress to let you prepare for the business meeting or relax and ease into a family sojourn at your favorite holiday spot. If you find direct, hassle-free and premium aviation compelling you should be chartering your next trip with ECS. Travel smarter with Exclusive Charter Service so you can get back to what you do best at work, enjoy your time with family and travel the world.


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