Super Bowl 50 – The Grand Finale

Super Bowl 50, one of the biggest sporting events in the world, is just around the corner. This game is expected to command the largest viewership in the history of American television.  But football fans know that watching a Super Bowl on TV pales in comparison with the experience of watching it live at the stadium. And this year is extra special as it will be the 50th time that two teams will battle it out for the NFL championship. We know you would not want to miss this golden opportunity to watch your favorite sports stars in action. Trust Exclusive’s private jet to the Super Bowl 50 to transport you along with friends and family to this exciting venue.

The San Francisco Bay Area is all set to host the golden edition of the ‘Big Game’ on February 7th, 2016 at Levi’s Stadium. America’s football frenzy will end in a grand finale with a face-off between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  Both teams owe their success to great defenses. The Broncos have prior Super Bowl experience, with 16 current Broncos players who have been part of a Super Bowl roster. The Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, has been to the Super Bowl three times with one victory (although on a different team) and two losses. As a whole, the Broncos have been to the Super Bowl 8 times and won twice. The Panthers, however, have had only two appearances at the Super Bowl and are yet to taste success, but are coming off their best regular season in team history with a 15-1 record. While there are only five Panther team members who have experience playing in the big game, Carolina Panthers’ play-caller, Cam Newton, is arguably the hottest quarterback in the NFL.   Exclusive’s private jet charter services can get you to this destination to witness a game that promises to keep fans at the edge of their seats.

Did you know that in the last 11 Super Bowls, 10 of the winning teams were wearing white uniforms? Just like previous Super Bowls, superstition continues to reign at Super Bowl 50. The Broncos have decided to do away with their orange jerseys and have opted for white uniforms in their final match against the Panthers who will be sporting black jerseys. It is also interesting to note that many college teammates will be facing each other in this match. Broncos Evan Mathis and Panthers Roman Harper were teammates at Alabama. Similarly there are at least 8 other players on each team pitted against a former college team member. So who will win? Board a private jet to the Super Bowl 50 and see it first-hand.

At the center of these two teams are two quarterbacks with an accomplished track record. Broncos Peyton Manning and Panthers Cam Newton need to bring their ace game to the field. These are 2 players at very different points in their career. Manning, acknowledged as one of the all-time greats among football stars, is contemplating retirement and might consider this to be the final game in his career – telling New England’s coach, Bill Belichick, “This might be my last rodeo.” On the other hand, Newton’s legacy is still being written as his career is just beginning to launch.

The age difference between these two starting quarterbacks will be the biggest in the history of Super Bowl. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton have an age gap of over 13 years. Manning and Newton have squared off once in a game held in 2012 which ended with the Broncos beating the Panthers 36-14. Will the Panthers exact revenge? While the clock ticks away with just a few days remaining for the final showdown, it’s time to get your game face on and board an Exclusive Charter Service jet to San Francisco.


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