St. Barths – The French Connection

The most widely held belief is that St. Barths was discovered by Columbus in 1493 and named in honor of his brother – Bartolomeo. The French arrived much later in the 1600s and mariners from Britanny and Normandy resettled here in the late 1700s. Luckily, unlike the buccaneers, modern day travelers wanting to escape to the hedonistic pleasures offered by the Caribbean’s most picturesque island can arrive here within just a few short hours.

Commercial carriers will fly you into the nearby St. Maarten or Guadeloupe. However, for a more private, and luxurious experience, you can hop on an Exclusive Charter Service jet and make use of the tiny airstrip at St. Barths like many of the celebrities who frequent this island.

The sophisticated island of St. Barths offers a lot for its small size. Style seeps into everything you experience from the hotels and the food, to the shops and the people. The island is seductive and energetic.

The best time to visit St. Barths is from mid-December to mid-April – typical high season for the Caribbean islands. During your stay you can enjoy the vintage French decor at Cheval Blanc or rub shoulders with celebs at Eden Rock, St. Barths’ perfect hotel for luxurious relaxation and play. European families enjoy the service and professionalism offered at Christopher’s, while International Moguls enjoy the serenity at Le Toiny. While the island’s hotels are all intimate and offer a relaxed ambiance and natural elegance, do expect to pay more than a fair price for your stay as St. Barths likes to cater to the über rich.

If St. Barths is famous for anything, other than its high-profile visitors who fly in anonymously on private jets like those offered by Exclusive Charter Service, it would be its exquisite cuisine. A distinctly French influence, sensational wine and freshly caught local seafood are a gastronomic delight. While superb selections on the Cartes de Vins are only to be expected, the true magic is in the cocktails whipped up by island bartenders. “Ti punch” is the signature rum concoction. You can enjoy endless rosé lunches at La Plage, Nikki Beach and Mango, in chic tank dresses  or dress to the nines for a night out at the many nightclubs and lounges where every looks like they are a model – or should be!

There is plenty of windsurfing, kitesurfing and water-sports that you will want to explore during the day. Grand Saline’s peaceful seclusion and sandy ocean bottom make it everyone’s favorite nudist beach, perfect for an ocean swim. Cul de Sac is shallow and perfect, if you fancy kayaking or windsurfing. The pelican like frigate birds that dive bomb into the shallow waters for their lunch make for an amusing sight. Shell Beach is one of nature’s miracles so you don’t want to miss. With hardly any sand at all, the beach is made of millions of tiny pink shells washed ashore.


Diving is popular at Pain de Sucre, Coco Island or Saba. Underwater shipwrecks, sharks, rays, sea tortoises and coral make it quite the colorful experience. Fishing enthusiasts can expect to hook tuna, marlin, wahoo and barracuda in the waters North of Lorient, Flamands and Corossol.

St. Barths is also quite the shopper’s paradise. Indeed, most visitors to the Caribbean islands hop over to St. Barths for an afternoon of strolling through the shops of Gustavia.

With 22 pristine beaches, an eclectic mix of iguanas, night blooming cactus and luxury yachts, St. Barths offers you the opportunity to hop on an Exclusive Charter Service jet and splurge on the vacation of a lifetime.

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