Soar in Style to the Final Four in Houston, Texas

Soar in Style to the Final Four in Houston, Texas


This past weekend, the clocks sprung forward, right in time for Selection Sunday, but where will you be for the Final Four on April 2-4?  Reschedule the Spring Break jaunt to Cancun or the Caribbean, and ditch the pitches of the presidential candidates on their cross-country campaign tours.  For one weekend, Houston, Texas will reign as the wildest place in America after the madness that is March.

March Madness, that is, for those in the basketball know.

Yes, the Bayou City, famous for its Johnson Space Center and Apollo 13 heroics, home of the one-time 8th Wonder of the World, the Houston Astrodome, is the host city of this year’s NCAA Final Four men’s basketball tournament. One more amazing destination to skyrocket off to in your private jet from Exclusive Charter Service, and the epicenter of the known sports universe that first weekend of April.

While only the national champs will be climbing the ladders to cut down the nets at Houston’s NRG Stadium on the night of Monday April 4th, you won’t need to fly there in a NASA rocket to join the fun and excitement.  “Houston” may have been the first word spoken to earth from the moon, but an ECS jet makes a fast, convenient, and luxurious substitute for a spaceship, and without any heat shields required for a smooth Texas landing.

So which four teams will be pounding the hardwood at the biggest dance of the Big Dance that weekend in Houston?  Only the most prophetic of media bracketologists and office-pool clairvoyants can divine the answer to that question.  

Will it be the Duke Blue Devils, the perennial Final Four favorite and last year’s champions, vying for back-to-back trophies?  Or maybe the Big-12’s Kansas Jayhawks, the current #1 team in the nation and the men’s champs back in 2008?  Could there be an unforgettable Cinderella run by the likes of the Big East’s Seton Hall Pirates, or Ivy League darlings, Yale?   Or could the Kentucky Wildcats claw their way back to the top of the ladder?

A chartered jet from ECS may not be able to teleport you to the future for the million-dollar answer, but it can deliver you in luxury, style, and ease to see all the drama and excitement of both of Saturday’s semi-final games and the national championship on Monday night.

Even if basketball isn’t your passion, and you just want to be in Houston that weekend for the parties and the pageantry, the Bayou City has a host of other places to go things to see until it’s time to celebrate Monday night with the champs.  Of course there’s the March Madness Music Festival, featuring Maroon 5; a host of award-winning steakhouses and restaurants that are must visits now that it’s crawfish season along the Gulf Coast; world-class malls and boutiques; and championship golf courses dotted in green across the city.  

Or simply gaze up into the deep blue southern sky, or across the sparkling Gulf waters at nearby Galveston Beach.  You might just see a rocket soaring toward the stars, or an ECS jet cruising elegantly through the clouds, carrying its passengers to yet another incredible destination in luxury and comfort.

So sport your favorite team’s jersey and cap, your school spirit, even your golf clubs, your shopping shoes, or your sense of Lone Star State adventure into a private jet from Exclusive Charter Service for a sky-high slam dunk of a time the weekend of April 2-4.  When the eyes of the basketball universe will be focused on the Final Four in Houston.


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