Raising the Safety Standard to New Heights


Raising the Safety Standard to New Heights

A Mesa County man is hoping to revolutionize the safety standard for the aerospace industry. He’s utilizing a new breathalyzer, called SoberLink, in which his pilots and crew members will submit to a test, to make sure they’re not under the influence.

You can find them in automobiles, hospitals, and even your local bar, but now, breathalyzers are coming to private jets.

“This is a way to ensure to the general public, that safety is a priority for this company,” says Jim Rozman, a flight crew member.

They’re the first charter jet company in the nation to implement SoberLink, an alcohol breathalyzer, on their aircraft.

The device is simple to use, has facial recognition, and has results within a minute.

You turn the power on, wait for the blue light to flash, blow in it, and it sends the information to a web portal.

“It’s just a fail safe program to ensure that flight crew members, when they report to duty, are not under the influence of alcohol,” adds Rozman.

According to Rozman, there have been recent incidents of crew members coming to work under the influence of alcohol at some major airlines, even in the charter plane industry.

“The healthcare industry uses this product right now for surgeons, nurses, etc. We anticipate that it’ll probably be the norm in this industry in the near future,” says Rozman.

If the trial phase is a success, could be installed in airplanes nationwide.

The trial period is 60 days for the SoberLink in Rozman’s planes.

 Watch Exclusive’s interview about SoberLink on the news here:

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