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You’re dropped off on the tarmac of a small, regional airport in Chicago or Miami or San Francisco. There’s a private plane waiting for you, perhaps a Gulfstream IV or Boeing Business Jet or an Italian-made Piaggio Avanti II. Security is a breeze. Everything runs on time. You feel important, taken care of. But you’re not a famous sports icon, touring pop star or gallivanting social celebrity. The flight itself is a breeze. The food on board is incredible and hot and exactly what you ordered. The service in top notch. When the pilot informs you that they’re preparing to land, you almost wish the flight would last just a little bit longer. After landing, another car whisks you and yours to a business meeting, a big game, a Michelin-starred restaurant or a marina where your chartered 65-foot luxury sailing catamaran awaits your arrival.

It may all sound dreamlike, but for clients of West Palm Beach based Exclusive Charter Service, it’s far from a fantasy. The charter company, known simply as Exclusive, has been impressing clients and transcending expectations for over ten years now, and shows very few signs of slowing down. With more members than any other private jet charter program in the business and a seemingly ever-expanding fleet of planes from turboprops to 25-passenger luxury execuliners, Exclusive is on track to not only lead the industry, but to revolutionize it as well. “We didn’t get into this business to build a massive company necessarily,” says Exclusive’s CEO Jason Johnson, who founded the company back in 2005 with long-time friend Adam Klein, “we got into this business because we truly love working in aviation.”

And it’s precisely this passion for aviation that has led to the company’s impressive success. Launched without the help of investors, Johnson, who was previously a pilot, and Klein, who was a finance computer engineer, are the sole owners in the company—a characteristic that has allowed them to stay nimble and effective as business owners. “We have 22 air charter advisors in addition to hangers and maintenance personnel in airports in New York and Florida and on the West Coast as well,” Johnson says proudly. “And while our main area of operation in the United States, we also have a global reach, serving Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East.”

Where Exclusive is really starting to show their innovation and uniqueness is in their company-owned fleet management. The company chooses which aircraft to include in their growing fleet based on what they refer to proudly as the ‘E Factor’ which examines not only the plane’s cabin comforts but its performance and efficiency as well, providing customers with faster flights and lower hourly rates than the competition. And the craft that is really setting Exclusive’s fleet apart from the rest is the Italian-made Piaggio Avanti II, a nine passenger executive transport aircraft with twin turboprop engines mounted in pusher configuration giving the prop the speed capabilities of a light jet. “The bottom line is, the Piaggio Avanti II is the most efficient and greenest aircraft in the sky,” Johnson says. “There’s no faster turboprop in the world. It burns 115 gallons of gas per hour, while its closest comparable aircraft like a Lear 55 or Lear 60, burns 220 gallons of gas per hour. We’re talking about a 50 percent difference in efficiency. It’s an amazing airplane,” he adds.

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