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Private Jet to Hong Kong


This past summer, a 23-member delegation from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) traveled to North America to participate in a series of “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” (TATHK) events. The Hong Kong consortium consisted of leadership from Hong Kong’s top technology-related companies and organizations, Chinese government representatives, and international investors. The goal at each event was to deepen the connections between Hong Kong and North American businesses and industries, and encourage more financial, corporate and manufacturing investments going both ways across the Pacific.

In his June 8 speech in front of Toronto, Canada’s 1500+ TATHK attendees, Chief Executive C.Y. Leung presented Hong Kong as a “superconnector” between Asia and North America, with increasing numbers of ties in business, trade and financial ventures. He described Hong Kong as ”One Country, Two Systems”, noting its unique situation as being both “of China” and “of the rest of the world.” He further promised that Hong Kong would assure all international investors that their dealings in the country would be fair and on equal footing with Hong Kong national enterprises.

As well as Toronto, the delegation was hosted at industrial-sized events in Chicago, Milwaukee WI, Los Angeles and San Diego CA, Baltimore MD. Clearly, Hong Kong is putting itself in front of the global commercial market, and offering an exceptional opportunity to engage with China’s immense manufacturing center with the support of knowledgeable local business partners.

Your business may already be doing business in Hong Kong, so you may already be aware of the incredible industrial opportunities provided by its businesses and their Asian partners. Hong Kong is a “Special Administrative Region” of China, so it remains legally Chinese. However, it enjoys an autonomy that is not enjoyed by its national parent. Instead, Hong Kong works to maintain a calm status quo within its economy, and it does so by ensuring that the wheels of its business sector are turning smoothly. Getting people safely onto and off of the island is imperative for its economy to continue to thrive.

For international corporate moguls traveling to and from Hong Kong, transportation is critical. From America, the flight time is already extended due to the trip over the ocean. Depending on the number of connecting flights that may be required on commercial airlines, it can take anywhere from 19 hours to 43 hours to travel from Miami to Hong Kong. Direct flights take at least 14 hours, and that doesn’t include travel time to the airport, long check–in and security lines, flight delays or any of the other travel hassles that occur daily in very airport in the world.

If you’re off to do business in Hong Kong, either through an established enterprise or because your corporate self is contemplating taking advantage of Hong Kong’s industrial invitation, your best bet for arriving there on time, with luggage in tow and rested and ready to bargain is to travel via chartered corporate jet. Exclusive offers exceptional value and service for the Hong Kong business traveler by eliminating most of the irritations that aggravate air travel:- flights are scheduled at your convenience, ensuring that the plane is ready to go when you are;- ground transportation can be arranged so when you arrive, you are treated with the same consideration in the car as you received in the air – prompt, private and professional;- All your international travel needs can be managed through Exclusive’s Concierge services, from hotel and transportation coordination to yacht rentals and entertainment calendars.

Best of all, Exclusive also offers the Exclusive Aero Club, a private membership club that offers opportunities for exciting aviation and travel adventures unmatched by any other private charter airline.

Hong Kong’s invitation to do business promises exciting growth for your company. Exclusive’s chartered jets will deliver you there and bring you home again in style, on time and well rested, which is just what you’ll need to be whether you’re meeting with international industrial bigwigs, or just greeting your daughter on the tarmac. Contact us today to book your next flight to Hong Kong.

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