Private Jet Charter to Chicago

Private Jet Charter to Chicago

Private Jet Charter to Chicago


Remember your last commercial flight to or from Chicago?  You might have experienced delays, traffic, oversold seats, packed flights from weather delays, and the list does not stop there.  Plus, if time equals money, then a jet Charter in and out of Chicago is worth it!  Thinking about making the switch?  Here are some reasons why you should:  


Whether you have a last-minute business meeting in a different city, or your mom needs you to hang a picture from across the country within hours, a jet charter can get you there.  Charters like ECS Jets allow you to book your flight and be off the ground within hours.  And as a benefit, you don’t have to stand through Chicago O’Hare International Airport’s long security lines, or worry if Pre-check is open.

Do you dream of keeping your shoes on so your feet don’t have to touch the dirty floor?  Would you rather not worry about buying three ounce bottles to squirt all your hygiene products into?  Then don’t.  Take a charter jet!   

You are Elite

ECS Jets takes your life and privacy seriously.  When you become a part of the flight club, you are an exclusive member and don’t have to worry about who you are sitting next to.  Every member is screened, which is something you won’t get with other private jet companies.  

Private Jet Perks without Buying the Jet

The latest rage is “jet cards”, but with those you pay to become a fractional jet owner.  With ECS Jets, you can fly luxuriously without buying the jet.  Getting a charter out of Chicago is possible with a reasonable membership fee, low annual dues, and you only pay for occupied hourly pricing.  Plus, the jets have catering and access to exclusive concierge services.  

Charters Save Money

If you travel frequently then you probably know the hidden travel fees all too well.  With commercial travel you might have to pay more to fly to a city close to your destination.  On top of that fee, you might need to rent a car to get to your destined city.  Maybe you could only get a late night flight so now you need a hotel.  As you can see, these fees can sneak up on you.  For frequent travel, paying for a jet charter makes sense.

Faster, Direct flights

With commercial flights, you can’t always find a direct flight.  With ECS Jets, you don’t have to worry about layovers.  And with a charter jet, you can get to your destination faster.  Private jets by design can typically get to altitude faster than airliners, and above potentially bad weather faster.  This reason alone is enough to justify a charter out of Chicago since weather is a major concern for air travel to and from the city.  

Private jets can also land on smaller strips and at a larger number of airports than commercial jets saving you time, and often gets you closer to the city you need to get to.  This reduces the competition for air space with airliners, too.     

Safety First

Just because it’s private does not mean safety is compromised.  Private jets are held to the same stringent maintenance and safety regulations as commercial jets.  ECS Jets even boasts one of the highest safety ratings in the world.  Not only does the staff meet safety regulations, but they are continuously active in safety training.  This standard has allowed ECS Jets to continue operating for over 10 years without any incidents or accidents.

ECS Jets offers reasonably priced packages for families and corporate travelers, so no matter your needs, a jet charter to and from Chicago is available!

Private Jet Charter to Chicago

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