Turkey Day Trouble: Fly Private to Avoid Thanksgiving Day Travel Stress

Thanksgiving: A Day for Family

Thanksgiving is a day for family. An opportunity for relatives who may not see each other often to all get together at the same time, to see cousins, grandparents, siblings, and grandchildren. It’s also one of the worst days of the entire year to travel. Millions of people across the country are trying to visit their family for the holiday and take to the roads and skies at the same time. Last year, 28.5 people flew for Thanksgiving, of a total of 50.9 million total travelers.

Lines at airports are even longer than usual, there are flight delays, and more lost luggage. The average delay for Thanksgiving varies based on the day of travel, the airline, and the airport involved, but could get as bad as 76% of flights delayed. Some people avoid the stress and hassle by travelling earlier in the week. But that’s not possible for people with busy work schedules or who have children whose schools don’t have the entire week off.

Thanksgiving Travel Destinations

If you prefer to travel to a luxury destination for the holiday, a flying private can start your vacation the moment you leave your door. Popular US destinations include Hawaii, Florida, and New York. If you want to go further afield and escape the Thanksgiving hoopla altogether, London, Tokyo, Paris, and Mexico are great destinations. The world is completely open to you with a jet charter, which can take you directly to your destination of choice and makes getting there part of the fun.

Watch the Parade in New York

Be right at the center of the Thanksgiving action in New York City. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person, attend a Thanksgiving party, and eat at one of New York’s many fine restaurants. Then, get ready for some amazing deals on Black Friday or stop by one of New York’s annual holiday markets for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts for your loved ones.

Celebrate Thanksgiving Hawaiian Style

Celebrate Thanksgiving the Hawaiian way by escaping the wintry weather. There are plenty of Thanksgiving activities to make sure you still get the most out of your holiday. Eat Thanksgiving dinner aboard a cruise or stop by a high-end restaurant. Try a Hawaiian-style dinner with a turkey cooked in a traditional cooking pit. There’s also a parade, hula dancing, and Christmas tree lighting. It’s all the best of Thanksgiving, but with a distinctive Hawaiian flair.

Thanksgiving in Disney Orlando

A Very Mickey Thanksgiving

For a Thanksgiving you’ll never forget, stay at a Disney resort in Orlando, Florida. The entire theme park is decorated for the holidays and there are parades and celebrations for everyone. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which has its own special parade just for ticket-holders. The Disney World resorts also serve traditional Thanksgiving dinners, so you can enjoy Thanksgiving turkey in style.

Thanksgiving in London

Traditional Thanksgiving in London

Get a taste of a traditional American Thanksgiving across the pond. Many restaurants in London now serve Thanksgiving dinners to cater to expats, visitors, and anyone just wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving with a huge meal. Stay at one of London’s luxury hotels and get ahead on your holiday shopping at London’s many high-end stores. London has traditional holiday markets that open up for more shopping opportunities.

Thanksgiving in Tokyo

Light Up the Night in Tokyo

Japan isn’t the first place you’d think of for a Thanksgiving celebration, but downtown Tokyo has an increasing number of restaurants offering traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Eat turkey at a high-end restaurant in the Roppongi area of Tokyo and then go shopping in the luxurious Ginza area at Tokyo’s exclusive department stores. Don’t miss Tokyo’s Winter Illuminations, the festive holiday lights that turn Tokyo into a magical winter wonderland.

Shop Til You Drop in Mexico

Thanksgiving isn’t just an American holiday anymore! Enhance your Thanksgiving dinner with chorizo pumpkin soup, candied pumpkin, cranberry salsa, and turkey enchiladas. Stay at one of Mexico’s luxury resorts and take advantage of Good Weekend. Mexico’s version of Black Friday, where stores are open longer and look for exclusive merchandise brought in just for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Fine Dining in Paris

Thanksgiving Fine Dining in Paris

Paris is known for its haute cuisine and gourmet food. Many high-end restaurants now serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Alternatively, you could prepare your own Thanksgiving dinner with the exclusive culinary school La Cuisine’s Thanksgiving cooking class. Celebrate the holiday by making a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner with a French twist.

private jet charter

The Benefits of Traveling by Jet Charter

Whatever your travel plans are this Thanksgiving, a private jet charter with ECS Jets can ease the hassle of travel. Arrive at your destination faster, with no long lines at security and at the gate, and no lost luggage. You can book Jet charters at the last minute. If your travel plans change or aren’t decided until closer to the holiday. While it’s still recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment during the busy holiday season, there’s a lot more flexibility.

You can leave when it fits your schedule, rather than contorting your schedule to fit available commercial flights. You can depart from and arrive at the locations of your choice. Avoid the increased traffic to and from the commercial airports. In addition, there are no layovers, as a private jet will take you directly to your destination. Plus, with the privacy of a jet charter, you can get any last-minute work done on the plane or be free to enjoy the time with your family. Private jets are also just more relaxing and comfortable. The meal is catered specifically to you and your family, the seats recline all the way, and there are a variety of entertainment options.

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