Private Jet Charter Las Vegas

Private Jet Charter to Las Vegas


If you are planning an exciting trip to Las Vegas, you probably want to arrive in style. The idea of riding in a commercial jet to your unique and exciting vacation can really put a damper on things, but there is one great option — taking a private jet. These are some of the many reasons to consider booking a private jet charter for your Las Vegas vacation.

1. Get There Faster

Depending on where you are coming from, there is a chance that you are facing a long flight with a long layover in order to get to Las Vegas. Many people who travel to Las Vegas from the East Coast, the Midwest or many other locations often have to stop at least once on the way to Vegas.

You probably don’t want to arrive there exhausted from traveling, however. To shorten your travel time, avoid long layovers and get to Vegas feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, consider taking a private jet.

2. Make it More Luxurious

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t head to Vegas when you’re trying to save money. Instead, you probably choose Las Vegas as your travel destination when you have a little more money to spend and are looking forward to spending a few luxurious days of dining well, going to shows and gambling.

You aren’t going to feel very luxurious when you head to your destination in a regular commercial jet. Even if you fly first-class, you’re sure to feel cramped and uncomfortable the whole way there, and you won’t feel as if you are experiencing your luxury vacation just yet. Luckily, a private jet charter can help you start your luxurious trip long before you make it to Nevada.

3. Start the Party Early

You probably want to arrive in Las Vegas ready to party. Why wait until you get there to get started, though? Although you can certainly enjoy a few drinks while you’re on a regular commercial jet, you aren’t going to be able to indulge and really get rowdy and loud when you’re on a regular plane.

In a charter jet, however, you don’t have to worry about keeping other passengers happy. Instead, you can play music, relax with drinks and otherwise have a great time. Whether you are traveling by yourself, with a few people or with a whole crowd, it’s a great way to get the party started the right way.

4. Impress Your Traveling Companions

Are you traveling to Las Vegas with a group of traveling companions? If you are planning your trip as a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, a birthday party, a business trip or for just about any other reason, you probably want to impress your traveling companions and let them know that you’re preparing for one heck of a trip.

It’s going to be hard to impress your traveling companions on a regular commercial plane. Even purchasing first-class tickets can be a bit cliche. If you book a charter jet, however, everyone will know that you are serious about making a big impression and making your trip as exciting for yourself and your companions as possible.

5. Return Home in Comfort

The only worst part of a Vegas vacation is returning home. The flight home can be killer, especially if you are exhausted due to a lack of sleep or are feeling a bit hungover. You can skip the lines and ride home in the ultimate comfort if you take a private jet charter, however.

As you can see, a private jet can be the perfect way to travel to and from Las Vegas. If you are interested in setting up your flight, contact us at ECS Jets today.

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