Pilot Training

Pilot Training

The Best Training Partnership with FlightSafety International

Exclusive Charter Service jets has given a new dimension to air travel. With the number of people using private jets increasing each day, a greater emphasis on pilot training and certification necessarily follows. ECS Jets considers safety the paramount of our commitment to our clientele. When it comes to safety and pilot training there cannot be a better choice than FlightSafety International, the global leader in professional aviation training.

A Humble Beginning

FlightSafety International’s founder Albert Lee Ueltschi established the firm in 1951 from a small 200 sq. ft. room in New York City’s LaGuardia Airport marine air terminal. Work at FlightSafety was restricted only to weekends and off hours as Mr.Ueltschi held a regular job at Pan American World Airways as the personal pilot of Pan Am founder Juan Trippe. He continued working at Pan Am until 17 years later when he quit to take over a full time role as CEO of FlightSafety. By 1978, the company’s client list had risen to 1,200 business aircrafts and airlines. Since the aviation business was booming, FlightSafety started a simulation systems division in Tulsa, Oklahoma while continuing to buy simulators from other manufacturers. Today they have the largest simulation fleet in the world. In 1996, FlightSafety became a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Need for Pilot Training

Pilots at ECS Jets are no doubt the best in the industry. Why then do they require additional training, you ask? Our valued customers trust us to deliver them safely to their destination. To reinforce the trust placed in us, we resolved to partner with the best in aviation training, FlightSafety International. With more than 1,800 highly qualified instructors, they are the approved professional trainers for 135 aircraft models that are currently in use. Apart from being proficient in their skills, pilots need to be prepared to handle both routine and unforeseen circumstances safely and correctly. Travelers of private jets expect a level of safety that surpasses commercial airlines. FlightSafety is the only training center with the experience, staff, and equipment to deliver that level of pilot competence.

Why FlightSafety?

FlightSafety trains more than 75,000 aviation professionals every year and is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. In May 2015, 16 of its instructors were awarded the prestigious gold seal instructor certificate by the FAA in New York. With 40 learning centers and training locations spread across the globe, they have more than 1.2 million hours of training to their credit. They have the experience of training pilots from different fields like the military, commercial, corporate and private aviation. Pilots are trained to handle different aircraft types like fixed wing, rotorcraft and tilt-rotor. The main reason for the success of FlightSafety is their highly qualified instructors. All pilot training instructors have spent significant time as pilot in command (PIC) and hold a flight instructor or ground instructor rating.

Training Facilities

Training facilities at FlightSafety are in line with the requirement of the aviation industry. The latest addition to their learning centers is the one in Lafayette, Louisiana. The training offered at FlightSafety deploys cutting-edge technology and courseware that meets the highest standards. Offered at convenient schedules, training can be customized according to specific requirements. Effective and efficient learning environments are provided by their state-of-the-art learning centers. With more than 300 flight simulators available for training, the services offered by this training facility is unmatched.

Whether it is a business meeting in Los Angeles or a skiing holiday in Aspen, the number of people using private jets are increasing by the day. It is only right that we provide our pilots with the best of training facilities, and FlightSafety happens to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right training methodology.

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