Perks of Flying Cessna Citation X from London to New York

citation X from london to new york

London to New York

Imagine traveling from London to New York in 4 hours in a luxury space 1000 ft. above air. The world’s fastest business jet, the Cessna Citation X, allows you to fly with peace of mind and satisfaction at a top speed of Mach 0.90.

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Proximity At Its Best

Now you can get to New York’s airports in just 4 hours and never be late for an important meeting with the Cessna Citation X. It’s considered the most efficient midsize jet in the industry. Booking this aircraft is also more convenient thanks to our private jet card that you can swipe like a credit card for short-notice flight schedules.

Safety and Security Guaranteed

Enjoy a worry-free ride from London to New York on the Cessna Citation X, backed with our excellent jet program that has the highest safety standards. We carefully screen thousands of jet operators and ensure we hire only top-tier operators that have passed on-site audits done by authorities Wyvern and ARGUS. We also make sure our private jet partners comply with Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

A Smooth Ride All the Way

Riding a jet as fast as the Cessna Citation X, which covers a mile every 6 seconds, ensures you a smooth ride all the way. With its comfortable leather seats that can recline for resting your back and spacious legroom for a more relaxing sitting position.

Smart Amenities Ready For Luxury Consumption

Eat, work, sleep and play inside the Cessna Citation’s incredible cabin design packed with amenities such as an HD LCD monitor on every passenger seat to monitor your flight real-time and a satellite-based WiFi on board to stay connected with your work. You can also connect your devices to the monitor and high definition speakers via bluetooth and play your music or stream shows online. Eat conveniently with your very own chef on board or change comfortably to winter clothes in Cessna’s accessible lavatory and baggage compartment.

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