Party in Style to Vegas On Board a Private Jet

If you’ve got a friend ready to tie the knot and you’re in charge of the bachelor/bachelorette party, don’t do the same boring thing everyone always does: a cheesy strip club in the seedy area of your hometown. Instead, think: Las Vegas parties via private jet! Las Vegas is the ultimate destination to go for a bachelor/bachelorette party because it’s a well-known mecca of entertainment and excess. Make a weekend out of it and you can catch a show, hit the strip, do some gambling, and eat at some of the best restaurants around. The bright lights of Vegas shine 24/7, but you don’t have to take the traditional route to get there.¬†Our private jet charter flights are ready to whisk your entourage away.

The Way to Fly

We suggest you try a private jet charter to get there in style. Not only will you get there quickly, you can pack the plane with only your closest friends. Heck, the jet ride there is a party in and of itself! Whether you choose a light jet for seven passengers or a heavy jet exclusive for 14, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from thanks to our diverse fleet. For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, get to Sin City in grand style by chartering a private jet. Your jet will be well-stocked with whatever you request, from champagne to munchies, so you can enjoy the ride just as much as the destination. You and your friends will be flying in comfort aboard our plush, comfy planes that make flying fun again.

Avoid the Hassle: Travel to Las Vegas Parties via Private Jet

Whether you live clear across the country or just a few hours from Vegas, you can make travel time fly by when you board a private jet. No longer do you have to worry about waiting in long lines for commercial flights, clearing those dreaded security lines, waiting with all the other passengers for your luggage to come out on that conveyor belt, or waiting with your fingers crossed to see if your flight has been cancelled or rescheduled. With a private jet charter, you can rest easy knowing your flight will take off when YOU want it to, with no rushing to the airport to wait in lines with all the others. Are you ready to hit the hottest Las Vegas parties via private jet yet?

Benefits of Jet Travel to Vegas

There are many benefits to flying privately, not the least of which is your privacy. You can travel with friends to all the Las Vegas parties via private jet knowing it’s just your group on board. Talk about what you want, be as loud as you want, reminisce about the good times together. Another benefit is flexibility. You have the convenience of avoiding the usual hassles of conventional air travel. Efficiency and comfort round out the list of the many benefits you can experience while flying a chartered jet. When you arrive in Las Vegas, you can get off the plane and catch prearranged transportation to your hotel instead of waiting in lines again at the busy commercial airport. You can hit the strip sooner and get the party started, maximizing your time in the city.

Call ECS Jets to learn how you can get to all the hot Las Vegas parties via private jet. It’s probably a lot more affordable than you think, especially when you divide the cost between many people. Fill out our private jet charter contact form to get a quote today!


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