Cargo Division Expansion for Exclusive Charter Service

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Exclusive appoints new head of Exclusive Cargo


Exclusive Charter Service is excited to announce the expansion of the Exclusive cargo division, formally known as “Exclusive Cargo.” Exclusive Charter Service has had several opportunities to perform ad-hoc charter flights. Notably in 2017 for Hurricane Irma and Maria where aid was distributed throughout the Caribbean utilizing B747 and MD-11 aircraft. Exclusive sent over 250,000 pounds of aid, making them responsible for the biggest concentration of industrial generators delivered and continued to transport another 265,000 pounds of supplies on two MD-11 jets.


Exclusive, through self-investment, truly has the ability to establish themselves as a leader in the ad-hoc cargo charter market of North America. Heading the cargo division is Andrew Holmes, a former Air Charter Service veteran. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge acquired throughout his 18 years of experience, in addition to a plethora of contacts cultivated from his strong relationships around the world.


“Exclusive Charter Service founding principles, honesty and transparency over the past 14 years, coupled with strong growth and a management team that is truly inspirational are the qualities that enticed me to join forces with Jason Johnson. My in-depth knowledge, expertise and strong relationships gained through the last 18 years of ad-hoc cargo charters on a global scale will inevitably establish Exclusive Charter Service as a trusted company to turn to for all air charter requirements,” says Andrew Holmes.


Exclusive Cargo offers a full suite of value-added services. They handle freight door-to-door, encompassing every service needed. From transport to packing and crating to customs clearance to exclusive service sets such as in-house ATA Carnets, Exclusive Cargo enables their clients to comfortably focus on delivering the most distinct, successful, and memorable experiences while entrusting them with the fluid and flawless movement of their valuable freight. “Our operations team use our airline relationships and historical data to optimize your routing, ensuring your air freight arrives on time, all the time,” says Jason Johnson, owner of ECS. “With our office in the heart of the financial district of New York City,  we truly have positioned ourselves to be in the mecca of the business world.”


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