Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida is one of the preeminent vacation destinations in the US for it’s pristine beaches, dazzling sunsets, thriving art and culture scene, and fantastic food and nightlife. While scores of residents from nearby and distant states frequent Miami Beach it’s also internationally adored for its beaches and cultural attributes as well, and is a virtual nexus between the North and South Americas. To get the most out of your holiday be sure to charter a private jet for your next Miami Beach visit with Exclusive Charter Service jets. If you’re familiar from our previous posts, or just heard of or just decided to catch the internationally recognized Art Basel show the first week of December we have some empty leg flights for you to make the trip in style and comfort.

Miami Beach is naturally a popular destination for its fun in the sun appeal and beach related amenities but that’s not all this cultural metropolis has to offer to residents and vacationers. Every year since 2002 the world’s premier art show Art Basel has taken up temporary residence in Miami Beach to bring forth one of the largest venues for arguably the most diverse art shows on the planet. If you’re not a curator, art enthusiast or expert don’t be worried as there is plenty to enjoy for those of us who lack the interest of an art connoisseur but are compelled by the idea of experiencing such a prestigious art show in addition to the rest of Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is a sort of bridge for the northern hemisphere to the southern and the Latin culture at large. Of course, that means some amazing Latin cuisine like the sort of fare you might find at The Bazaar by chef Jose Andres who has skillfully and passionately cultivated a menu to garner a one Michelin Star rating from the prestigious group.

Naturally, such an established international city boasts of world renowned resorts and luxury hotels for you to enjoy your sojourn in style and prestige. For instance The Setei Hotel would be a perfect place to enjoy Miami Beach with it’s relaxing spas, decadent rooms, and intriguing aesthetic design which interweaves an asian Art Deco appeal with local architectural spirit on the ocean front.

ECS jets can offer private, safe, and luxurious aviation to and from the Miami Beach area at your convenience on one of our empty leg flights or another scheduled charter that suits your schedule. With the MIami Beach Art Basel show scheduled December 3rd for a week long event now is a great time to book. Whether you’re seeking this international art extravaganza, looking for a great beach to people watch and lounge on, world class food, or just a luxury hotel to enjoy, Exclusive Charter Jets can help you find your escape.

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