Lost in Venice – A Photographer’s Delight

Venice is not only the most picturesque place on the face of the earth, but also one of the best places to get lost. Funny as it may sound, there are many people all over the globe who have listed getting lost in Venice a must-experience activity. Exclusive Charter Service Jets are gaining popularity as a means to reach the island city of Venice. If you are contemplating a visit to Venice be prepared to get lost in the city, forget the time and your travel map too. This quote from Lawrence Block, the famous American suspense fiction writer, is apt when you visit Venice Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.”

The first rule to be followed by a tourist to Venice is to not arrive tired or jet lagged. You need energy to walk along the cobbled pathways of Venice. And the best way to avoid jet lag is to hire an Exclusive Charter Service jet and take advantage of their in-flight service. By the time you realize you are on your way to Venice, the jet would have made a safe landing at the Venice Marco Polo airport or the Aero club located in the Isle of Lido.

Unlike other cities, Venice does not have automobiles plying on its roads. You either walk or take a water taxi or water bus to your destination. You will also notice that you are surrounded by endless identical canals and bridges that turn at queer angles. Does not matter whether you are into making movies or capturing still life, this place is a photographer’s delight. Considering the limits on hand baggage in flights to Europe, imagine the hassle you will have to go through on a commercial airline while carrying professional camera or video equipment. When you travel with ECS Jets, your baggage travels with you and you can get hold of it as soon as you land.

The most iconic location in Venice is St. Mark’s Square. The waterfront by the Square is a great place to capture Venetian life. You can experience Venice with an enchanting ride on the Gondola, or cruise along the Grand Canal in a water bus. Evening is a great time to capture the bridges as well as the surrounding architecture on camera. Most places in Venice are well lit at night and the glimmering lights reflecting against water provide a spectacular shot. If you plan to capture the beauty of Venice from dawn to dusk, getting aboard an ECS Jet would be the most sensible thing to do as the short travel leaves you with enough time to capture varied shots of the city.

If you are planning to visit during the Venice Carnival scheduled to begin by end of January 2016, remember that it’s a time when over 3 million people visit this city. Having said that, attending the carnival can give you a chance to attend the largest masked ball in the world. And don’t forget that your camera can capture the carnival in all its myriad colors. So what if this is a time when it’s tough to find accommodation in Venice’s hotels. When you have an Exclusive Charter Service Jet at your disposal, book your accommodation in any other major city of Italy and get there in minutes.

Do you know that this ‘floating city’ is sinking into the water every year, and there may come a time when Venice is no longer accessible to future generations? Waste no time in taking an ECS

Jet to Venice, after all you need to capture this beautiful city on film in all its glory before it is lost forever.


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