Is it Safer to fly Private or Commercial?

Why Private Jets Offer More Flight Safety

Than Commercial Airliners


Is Commercial Aviation as Safe and Secure as We’re Told?

There are many myths when it comes to flying private. One of the most inaccurate, however, is that flying private is less safe than taking a commercial flight. In fact, private jets are just as safe, if not safer than flying commercial. The misconception that flying private is more dangerous than flying commercial is due to the fact that flying privately is still unknown to most of the population. Although, our goal is to make flying privately accessible to more people, it is still daunting to some. Publicity plays a large role in the light casted over the private aviation industry, since most fliers are of higher status and recognizable, the media pays more attention to private jet incidents, capitalizing

In light of the recent incidents with the Boeing 737 Max 8, concerns are rising about the safety of traveling on commercial flights. Within a 6 month span, two fatal crashes have occurred leaving 157 and 189 passengers dead in two separate occasions from traveling on this aircraft. Boeing has yet to take full responsibility, stating the pilots were not trained properly on the new safety system, Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), that automatically pulls the plane’s nose down if data suggests it is at risk. “Boeing did something very unusual for any manufacturer — it sent out an emergency bulletin and told all airlines to make sure they trained the pilots in the shut-off procedure,” says Mary Schiavo, a CNN aviation analyst and the former Inspector General of the U.S. Transportation Department.

Private aviation have very rigorous and thorough safety standards. The best companies that are safety conscious use third party safety companies such as Wyvern & Argus. Exclusive follows the Wyvern Wingman Standard, where they rigorously vet air charter operators. Wyvern is officially the world’s first business aviation audit company. Additionally, Exclusive is Argus rated- the ARGUS rating system looks at an aircraft operators actual safety history, and produces a grade for that operator.


About Exclusive’s Safety Standards

Exclusive is a leader in the private aviation industry with safety standards that ensure our passengers step foot on only the safest aircraft available for charter.  Besides only working with operators that meet the FAA required regulations. We also only work with aircraft that meet our Exclusive requirements. This accounts for less than 10% of the operators around the world. We are fully committed to ensure our passengers fly on the safest equipment by consistently investing into our safety program.

The Exclusive Fleet-  Exclusive is a DBA of our parent company Custom Jet Charters LLC which holds the Part 135 Operating certificate. We own, manage, and charter aircraft that only meet FAA part 135 requirements. These regulations establish the safety, maintenance and operational standards for our aircraft. The FAA Part 135 requirements are regarded as the world standard to aviation safety. These regulations are similar to part 121 carrier certificates which are used in large commercial operations. We have just celebrated a decade of safety excellence and will continue to up-hold the same levels of safety as industry leaders. Additionally, we are DASSP certified, read more about that here.

Exclusive Safety Guarantee

ECS obtains ARGUS and Wyvern safety reports on every private flight we book. We require our private charter aircraft partners to be fully compliant with Part 135 of Title 14 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

The safety of our clients and their guests is our number one priority. As a member of both the NBAA and NBTA we adhere to the highest safety standards in the jet charter industry. All Private Air Charters operators are monitored by third party safety rating companies such as Wyvern, Argus, EASA and EU-Ops to maintain their safety audit standards and operate aircraft with flawless record.

It’s not just a promise, but the core of who we are as a company. We use every available resource on this planet to ensure we train, educate and offer continuing safety training to all of our team. Our company holds the highest safety ratings in the world

Safety, Security, & Peace of Mind

We operate with the most important element at the top of mind – you. That’s why we make no compromises when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of each and every customer. We obtain Wyvern and ARGUS safety reports on each private flight we book, and require all of our partners to be fully compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. We verify each pilot’s qualifications and experience while closely monitoring the insurance and maintenance records on our private aircraft.

Wyvern’s Mission and Goal

The Wyvern Standard™ -To elevate safety and security worldwide. With inspired leadership and an agile, innovative team, WYVERN has grown into a globally-recognized service provider within the aviation industry. They continually guide aviation stakeholders in safety risk management decision-making through our unsurpassed education, training, experienced experts, and safety intelligence database. Wyvern maintains the leading worldwide marketplace for the business of air charter and the most comprehensive platform for the auditing and reporting of safety information for Part 135 and Part 91 private aviation companies.

Exclusive is also a Wyvern Approved Operator and Wyvern Approved Broker. Exclusive holds both Operator and Broker Wyvern ratings. We make sure that our entire staff undergoes continuous safety training.

ARGUS Rating

ARGUS International developed this program over a decade ago, to be the most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for charter operators, buyers and passengers throughout the world. The ratings use a proprietary algorithm that forms the foundation of the system. Works with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their unique safety and data-driven objectives. With over 20 years of experience, ARGUS is the preferred partner for hundreds of companies who hold themselves to the highest operational and industry standards.

Argus TripCHEQ

The CHEQ system has three major components: historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background analysis program in the industry. The ARG/US TripCHEQ provide air charter customers with a comprehensive analysis of a company’s credentials specific to a trip. Enter four pieces of information about your trip, and engage the resources of the largest aviation safety database in the world. The TripCHEQ system tracks pilot certifications, type ratings, accidents, incidents, violations, operator certificates, and operational control of aircraft.checks, and on-site safety audits. Analysis of these components results in three potential levels of safety rating: Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. Each level reflects analysis and ranking based on increasing amounts of detailed information on the charter operator. The CHEQ system is the most comprehensive and detailed safety


Wyvern Standard and PASS Assurance

Safety is essential and we are proud to be a Wyvern-authorized user. The Wyvern Standard is the most restrictive aviation safety standard in the industry and is stricter than the FAA Part 135 minimums. Our authorization gives us instant access to Wyvern Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports on every private charter flight we book. We provide these reports to you before your air charter travel. A Wyvern PASS report is evidence that crucial safety information about the private aircraft charter operator, the aircraft and the flight crew has been checked and verified.

Experienced Pilots and Crew

Pilots of private jets are so qualified that the owners of the jets actually fly in them. This speaks tons about the confidence they have in their crew. Their pilot iron their skill in state-of-the-art stimulators that accesses their knowledge and reaction to real life scenarios. In addition, private jet pilots are usually in better emotional and physical state since they are not subject to extended days of activity like the commercial airliners.

Thorough Flight Safety Inspections

Private jets are not released into the air without tremendous scrutiny, they are subjected to thorough flight safety and maintenance assessments. Institutions such as Argus International and Wyvern assesses private jet companies and rates them based on safety and best practices. The procedure and metrics of evaluation are very strict for private jets and involve absolute scrutiny. You have the added comfort of knowing that our private jets are thoroughly examined and meet all safety-related details to ensure that each and every flight is conducted in accordance regulatory requirements.

Well rated private companies will follow the safest procedures, practices and guidelines, to provide the safest trip.





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