Hawker 800XP Private Jet Charter Flights

Looking to blast off to a last-minute summer destination to decompress before the next merger? How about Ibiza, the Hamptons to Palma de Mallorca? Got a corporate meeting coming up quick and you need to get there with minimal hassle? Private jet charters make it all possible thanks to the Hawker 800XP, our newest addition to the ECS Jets fleet.

Hawker 800XP: State-of-the-Art Aircraft with Unique Features

This mid-sized corporate jet was first manufactured more than 30 years ago, but has remained a perennial favorite among business travelers of all kinds. The Hawker 800XP, originating from the successful British Aerospace BAe 125, draws from the basic BAe 125 airframe and gets an upgrade with more powerful engines, aerodynamically-efficient wings, and a redesigned cockpit. The result? A private jet that has improved climb performance, cruising speed, range, fuel economy, runway performance and weight limitation increase. A 21.3-foot passenger cabin comes standard with four club seats, a forward-facing seat, and a 3-person divan as part of the Hawker 800XP. You also get the addition of an aft lavatory, writing/dining tables, 45-cubic-foot baggage compartment and cabin soundproofing which ensures outside noise stays below 70 decibels. This makes for a peaceful flight where you can work, eat, conduct meetings, relax and watch TV in comfort. Looking for versatility in your charter flight? You got it! The Hawker 800XP is perfect for short hops, national flights and transcontinental flights, without the need for bothersome and time consuming modifications.

Fun Facts about Private Jets

Check out these interesting facts about private jet travel in the United States, according to Forbes:

  • The U.S. comprises 49.7% of the world market for private jets.
  • The top three biggest events for private jet travel are the Super Bowl (by far!), Masters Golf Tournament and Art Basel Miami Beach.
  • Celebs with their own jets include Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan, Jay-Z, Tom Cruise, Jimmy Buffett and John Travolta.
  • The busiest general aviation airport on the planet is the Van Nuys airport.

Why a Private Jet?

Need reasons to charter a private jet? There are plenty: convenience and efficiency being at the top of the list. No need to wait in line at the commercial airport, jockeying for position with everyone else. Just make the plans for your private jet flight and show up at the base. No crying kids, no over-eager airline ticket counter assistant and best of all, no stress. Save the frustration of standing in long security lines. Your aircraft captain may search passengers’ bags for security reasons, but you don’t have to be subjected to x-rays, or shoe, belt and jewelry removal. Another major reason why private air charters are beneficial is that they are confidential, points out Forbes. The only other passengers on the flight are people YOU have invited. You can hold meetings, make phone calls, create deals and mergers, listen to music or even watch movies — all in privacy. No one is sitting behind you listening in on your conversations. No need to whisper those last-minute confidential deals. Instead, sit back, stretch out, have a drink and conduct meetings in peace. When you land, ground transportation is waiting so you don’t have to. You arrive at your destination ready to hit that next meeting or enjoy some time on the beach or sightseeing before the convention. Want to visit multiple destinations in one day? Do you need to change your flight time last minute? It’s all possible with the Hawker 800XP from ECS Jets.

Take the hassle out of air travel with a private jet charter aboard the Hawker 800XP for the utmost in comfort, convenience and efficiency. Contact us today to charter a private jet like the Hawker 800XP.

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