Fly to New York on Business via Private Jet

New York City is a popular spot for both business and entertainment. In fact, sometimes the two pursuits can be combined for one fun outing. However, if business is on your mind and you need to get to the Big Apple quickly and efficiently for your next big meeting, consider private jet charter flights to get you there. You can take your whole team, conduct preliminary meetings on the aircraft, and touchdown in your destination in no time.

New York Private Jet Charters

Home to 8.5 million, New York City is a bustling hub for commerce and business, attracting thousands of businesses every single year. New York City enjoys an incredible diversity of industries that contribute to its strengths, as evidenced by the fact that its tech sector is the fourth largest in the whole country, according Crain’s New York. It’s also home to more than 120 colleges and universities, as well as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. Drawing 56 million tourists last year alone, you can see why NYC is such a revered cultural, economic, fashion, and entertainment hub.


ECS Jets is proud to offer a fleet of private jets that can accommodate any number of people. The convenience of hopping on one of our charter flights is unparalleled compared with a commercial flight where you have to compete with others to get a seat, get some privacy, and get comfortable. The biggest benefit to New York private jet charters when you’re on business is the convenience of getting on the plane when you need to, in a place that’s convenient for you, without the long waits of security or check-in. Just board and go!


Your jaunt to NYC on business means you may have a big deal in the works, perhaps a merger. No one wants to discuss confidential information in public. Having your team flying on one of our New York private jet charters without any tourists or other business travelers means you can speak freely. No need to whisper contract negotiations. Heck, you could have your whole deal worked out and agreed upon before even touching down!


Safety is a promise whenever you board one of our New York private jet charters. As an exclusive leader in the private aviation industry, we meet and exceed the highest safety standards that ensure our passengers board the safest aircraft available for charter. Not only do our operators meet FAA required regulations, we also work exclusively with aircraft that meet our own standards and requirements. Less than 10 percent of the operators around the globe can say this! We are dedicated to ensuring our passengers fly on the safest equipment thanks to continual investments in our safety program. Our Exclusive Fleet meets regulations that establish the safety, maintenance, and operational standards for our charter jets, setting the worldwide standard when it comes to aviation safety. We have a decade of safety excellence under our belts. We promise to continue to uphold the same levels of safety that we have been showing you all along.

Try our New York Private Jet Charters

Got a business trip coming up? Don’t have time to book a crowded flight, get to the commercial airport, jockey for position in line, and wait in an interminably long time in security? Don’t bother with that hassle. All you really want is to get to NYC for your business trip. We offer you safe, convenient private jet charter options for getting there quickly. You’ll never miss another meeting again! Contact us to book a flight on one of our New York private jet charters.

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