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Spring Time in Amsterdam

Spring is by far the most opportune time to see Amsterdam in all its flower-y glory and to attend the Tulip Festival & King’s Day.

As the first day of Spring commences, one of our favorite places begins to grow widespread with the rich fragrances and vibrant colors of tulips in bloom. Now is the perfect time to visit Amsterdam and it’s even easier with a private jet from Exclusive. There’s much so much to see in Amsterdam, from its beautiful architecture reflecting styles from the Golden Age, elaborate canals accentuating even the tiniest of streets, world famous museums and of course tulips, tulips, tulips everywhere!


National Tulip Day – The 3rd Saturday of January


National Tulip Day, is the official launch of the tulip season. Every year at Dam Square, this beautiful picking garden is filled with approximately 200,000 tulips. And the best part – it’s free!


Tulip Festival – April 1st- May 5th

The Tulip Festival’s only purpose is to celebrate the beautiful flower that is a Netherland’s symbol dating back to the Ottoman Empire. You will be able to find 500,000 tulips and even rare ones found planted in museum gardens, homes as well as other city buildings throughout the first half of April. The mission of the festival is to ultimately have one tulip planted for each citizen of Amsterdam in an effort to bring back the once tulip filled streets. Each year the festival brings more attention to the tulips and more and more tulips are planted for the first time.


Keukenhof Garden-  March 21 to May 20th.

The world’s largest flower garden is located in Lisse, just an hour outside of Amsterdam. Boasting with 32 acres, you will be able to find seven different types of tulips.

Keukenhof is only open for garden-goers for three months. During the three months, tulips are in full bloom attracting a lot of visitors from around the world


King’s Day – held on the 27th of April every year


Known to be one of the biggest and most colorful festivals, especially in Amsterdam with over a million people flooding the streets and canals.

The day commemorates the birth of  King Willem-Alexander and orange is the color that everyone ornate themselves with to show respect for the royal Dutch family.


Spring is in the air and the best time to visit Holland! 


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