JustLuxe| Exclusive Becomes Third to Be DCA Certified in South Florida


In October 19, 2005, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) re-opened to general aviation (GA) traffic after a complete prohibition on general aviation traffic as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Their main goal was to secure the airspace around the U.S capitol to protect from any potential threats. Although DCA has opened traffic to the general there are still an immense amount of security measures taken. The primary stipulation is that only properly qualified and vetted aircraft operators are permitted to fly to or from DCA. With that Custom Jet Charters, the operating company owned by Exclusive, is proud to be included as one of the few operators to be compliant with all requirements.

Attaining a DASSP certification is both a lengthy and thorough process, as there are many requirements set forth by the TSA and FAA that need to be met. The acronym stands for DCA Access Standard Security Program. At first, TSA inspects the crew, passengers, property (both accessible and checked) as well as the aircraft. Then they check the start and end dates of flight, which must be indicated on the TSA flight authorization. Passenger identification must be checked as well manifests for both the crew and passengers 24 hours prior to the flight. Additionally, background checks for all passengers, a fingerprint based criminal history records check and threat assessment will be conducted by the FBI for all flight crew. Furthermore, an armed security officer (ASO) must be on board for each flight and you must be aware that operations are subject to cancellation at any time. If there are any unscheduled operations to/from DCA require an FAA Slot Reservation. Another very important component is that each flight must depart from a gateway airport, which isa facility certified by the Transportation Security Administration as meeting strict security standards for screening private and non-commercial aircraft.



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