ECS and the Mets

ECS and the Mets


Let’s Go Mets

With the Mets in the World Series for the first time since the subway series of 2000 against the Yankees, we could be on the verge of baseball history, especially for the faithful and patient Mets fans out there. Game 1 already set a new precedent with the longest 1st game duration of any in the history of the world series running an exhausting 14 innings. Unfortunately, the Royals reigned supreme with a narrow victory that game and then dominated in Game 2. Still, fans have to agree starting things off this way indicates we’re in for an epic World Series because the Mets aren’t about to throw in the towel. The Mets have what it takes to claim victory over the Royals in the next few games to take back the lead and win it all this year.   

Let ECS take you out to the ball game

As all Mets fans and baseball enthusiasts alike are abundantly aware, the next few games of the 2015 World Series are scheduled in New York. For anyone currently out of town but hoping to fly in to support the home team, it could be a daunting challenge to make it to New York last minute with a commercial airline. To catch a flight to New York, if not a World Series home run, you’ll require smarter travel accommodations. With that in mind, it may be of some comfort to look into chartering a private jet to get you back to the Big Apple with time to spare.

The Charter Way

With an experienced group like Exclusive Charter Service you could book an empty legs flight with ease back to New York from virtually anywhere in the world to make it back for the series. If your team has a yearning to support the New York Mets during the 2015 world series ECS jets is the charter service you want. You can even begin your celebration of the Mets historic return to the world series aboard one of our state of the art jets with catering and drinks. Once you touchdown we can assist you in coordinating car service from the airport to Citi Field stadium so you’re worry free making it for the opening pitch. Once you’ve arrived at the game you can be a part of the crowd ushering the Mets to a game win and hopefully a triumphant finale in this years World Series.On the other hand, maybe your business commitments have you tied up and you won’t be available to make a trip until the game heads back to Kansas City. Well, not to worry, ECS can get you there to support the Mets when they’re lacking the home team advantage as well.


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