Dubai: A Stay in the Lap of Luxury

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Rightly known as the ‘Jewel of the Middle East’, Dubai is a city that has established itself as a leading commercial hub of the world. But apart from the business-friendly environment and world-class infrastructure, Dubai is also emerging as a popular holiday destination.

If you are looking for a chance to get away from the cold winters of Europe or USA, now is the time to head to Dubai. When you are travelling to a city that is known for its extravagance and opulence, book an Exclusive Charter Service Jet to make that entry in style. You get to fly on your terms with a date and departure time of your choice.

With a great start to your luxurious vacation, the stay needs to be equally enticing as well. Nothing can beat the hospitality offered by Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) that stands at an impressive 321 meters above sea level. With its iconic sail-shaped silhouette the Burj Al Arab is the symbol of modern Dubai. This 7-star hotel voted as the world’s most luxurious property located on a man-made island near Jumeirah beach soars above the Dubai coastline and is visible from your Exclusive Charter Service Jet. As soon as you land at the airport, you can avail the helicopter transfer services offered by Burj Al Arab and descend on this stunning resort’s helipad located 212 meters above sea level.

There are 202 rooms in Burj Al Arab, all duplex suites, featuring an interior inspired by Middle Eastern palaces coupled with beautiful sea views. The most extravagant among them is the Royal Suite featuring a 4-poster canopy bed on a rotating pedestal, a staircase made of marble and gold, a private cinema, library and elevator. Each floor has its own reception desk and team of butlers to cater to your culinary whims. It is interesting to note that the marble used in the walls and flooring of this magnificent property is the exclusive Statutario marble. The same kind of marble was used by Michelangelo in his masterpiece sculptures.

While you are here, do not forget to try out their Culinary Flight experience for lunch or dinner. You get to have different courses in different restaurants and bars of Burj Al Arab. Here is how a Culinary Flight works for dinner. You start with a pre-dinner drink at SkyView Bar on the 27th floor that offers a tantalizing view of the city by night and place an order for 5 courses from 5 different restaurants in the hotel. When you are done with each course, you will have a staff in attendance to guide you to the next restaurant for the next course. Sounds interesting and unheard of elsewhere, isn’t it?

If you are travelling with kids, the Sindbad Kid’s club can keep them amused while you decide to explore Dubai or just choose to relax in the lap of luxury at Burj Al Arab. Being an avid traveler you might have visited many destinations. But the memories of a stay in a place linger, and this is what makes you come back for more. No matter what brings you to Dubai; work or pleasure, a stay in this iconic hotel is highly recommended.

Here’s some insider information on one of the guests at the hotel. His age and nationality is maintained a secret by the hotel staff but apparently he loved the Burj Al Arab so much that he stayed there as a permanent resident for 7 years. If this is the effect that Burj Al Arab has on its guests, isn’t it time you boarded an Exclusive Charter Service Jet to check out this place?

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