Charter the World

Charter the World Part 1

Booking a special vacation for you and your special someone can be a daunting task. With all of the beautiful countries and cities in the world it can be difficult to sit down to make a choice, before you even start thinking about travel accommodations, where to stay, what to do once you arrive and where to eat. With that in mind we decided to put together a brief listing (a new destination appearing each week) to assist you in your future ventures. For no particular reason at all, this week’s focus will be a city of two worlds with fantastic European influences in cuisine, art and culture intertwined with South American energy and flare: Buenos Aires, Argentina.



For a getaway to remember you’ll want to stay in one of the most luxurious and opulent hotels in the world with every amenity you could imagine and more. In Buenos Aires that you means you’ll want to visit the “Paris of the South”, the Recoleta district, and stay at the Alvear Palace Hotel, a Grand Hotel boasting of old world charm and new world vision. Your suite comes with the basics, concierge and the apex of service, a minibar, free wifi, access to a world class spa, fitness center, pool, bar and restaurant if you prefer to dine in with room service (if not stay tuned.) What Alvear Palace offers that other hotels can’t is a memory worth reliving as it has received some of the highest accolades of any hotel in the world by travelers, couples and families that have actually stayed there. 



If you’re a foodie, the highly-esteemed food scene in Buenos Aires makes it a must-visit destination for you. At the paramount of the restaurant culture is The Argentine Experience, a steakhouse of global renown with some of the highest ratings for any restaurant in the world by actual diners (not just food critics) who praised the steak in particular (because, it’s Argentina, so of course) but also the amazing service, and delightful atmosphere.



Well, you’ve decided to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world full of fantastic, Parisian and colonial inspired architecture juxtaposed with modern buildings. You’re staying at one of the world’s most commended hotels and eating at the finest restaurants to be found. To put it lightly, a commercial flight could put a damper on things en route to your destination or during the voyage home. Instead, choose a private jet charter like Exclusive Charter Service to fly you there in opulence and comfort. Our exclusive charter service sets a new standard above the rest when it comes to service, on-board amenities and luxury travel. If you’re going to plan the perfect Buenos Aires, let us help you travel smarter aboard one of our private jets so you can seize the day and arrive in style.

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