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If and when you get the chance to visit Tokyo, Japan, a true global epicenter and one of the great metropolitan landscapes in the world today, you should seize the opportunity. Renowned for it’s culture, food and unique amalgam of architectural designs makes Tokyo one of the perfect destinations for travel whether your entire trip is for pleasure or if you want to extend your business stay a few nights to experience everything this energetic city has to offer.

Hotel Accommodations

Being one of the premier international cities, it’s no surprise Tokyo boasts a plethora of five star hotels that consistently rank as some of the best not only in Japan but the world over. For many, at the apex of the international hotel pyramid, regardless of location is the Andaz line by Hyatt, and Tokyo’s iteration never disappoints.  



Andaz Tokyo

First, Andaz hotels are an extension of Hyatt Hotels; however, the Andaz brand is Hyatt’s voyage into boutique luxury hotels and has been a remarkable international success. Offering a boutique style permits far more tailored and refined accommodations as opposed to the sort of “one size fits all” approach of most international, corporate brands. Here, at the Tokyo location, rooms take on a traditional flare with interior rooms, like the sleeping and living quarters, separated by traditional Japanese styled partitions consisting of natural wood and washi paper. Of course, like many places in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, one finds and relishes a seamless convergence of traditional style, culture and technology. With amenities like WiFi, climate control, an observation deck with 5 meter (15ft) tall windows on the 52nd floor (where you’ll also find some of the best food in the city) and AO Spa – just to list a few items, Andaz Tokyo is a must for those seeking the best in luxury hotels.  


Speaking of food, Tokyo is also internationally recognized as a hub for cuisine with a reverent creativity in many dishes that hearken back to traditional recipes. Also, in Tokyo alone, one can find a dozen restaurants with a 3 Michelin star rating!



Esaki is precisely that homage to traditional food preparation and recipe mingled with creative and subtle nuances from outside influences (in this case from the French tradition.) In addition, Esaki earned the prestigious and highly coveted Michelin star rating – 3 Michelin stars to be precise. The eponymous restaurant is Shintaro Esaki’s labor of love and a national treasure being known internationally for it’s fantastic, innovative yet classic menu.

Places to See

Whether you privilege traditional, old-school architecture over contemporary designs or love modern metropolitan skylines, Tokyo is a city sure to elate. Of course, Tokyo is a densely populated city and Japanese architects, engineers and designers have optimized and innovated vertical structures to maximize space, despite the fact that the following examples may not espouse that same space-saver spirit, being on the opulent side of the spectrum.


Yoyogi National Stadium

Found just moments away from the Harajuku train station in the district by the same name, Yoyogi stadium is a marvel in architectural design and is highly regarded by international architects. Since it’s construction in the mid 1960’s cultural events like concerts, shows and sporting events have been held here. In 2020 it will once again host the Olympics.



Ginza Kabukiza – Kabukiza Theatre

Resting at the base of of the tallest building in the Ginza district, Kabukiza Tower, is the Kabukiza theatre. This theatre has been adorned with traditional 16th-Century style inside and out and hosts traditional Japanese Kabuki performances, classical Japanese dramatic dances.

Tokyo is a stunning vision to behold and a magnificent city with fantastic, luxury hotels, and some of the finest dining in the world. Book your trip today and see how Exclusive Charter Jets can help!


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