Aviation Industry’s Hero – The Hawker 850

All those jet-setters who fly frequently with Exclusive Charter Service jets must be definitely familiar with the Hawker 850 series. There is nothing to compare with the sturdiness, reliability, and excellent handling offered by a Hawker 850. For those who are yet to embark on their first journey with us, read on for some interesting information on the Hawker 850.

The Hawker 850’s Journey

It all started with the boy who wanted to fly, Harry Hawker. Hawker went on to become one of the pioneers of world aviation and the name ‘Hawker’ became synonymous with the powerful Hawker aircrafts. A Hawker 850 is a mid-size twin engine business jet, developed by British Aerospace. It has a rich history and the simulation is a mix of simplicity and complexity. It was initially known as BAe 125-850 and renamed to Hawker 850 after 1993 as its assembling was taken over by Hawker Beechcraft. Hawker 850 took off on its first flight on May 26th 1983. When compared to the 700 series this one had increased wingspan, fuel capacity, upgraded engines, and a streamlined nose. Also, the Hawker 850 was the first corporate jet to feature a glass cockpit with electronic flight instrumentation system (EFIS). It comes as no surprise that the Hawker 850 series was a sales success. The next time you are aboard an ECS Jet, ask the crew for permission to look at the cockpit and they will gladly oblige.

Different Models of Hawker 850

The fleet at ECS Jets boasts of different models of Hawker 850. In 1995, XP was added to the model number with a focus on ‘Extended Performance’ making it 850XP. Model numbers like 750,850 and 900 are all 850 series with minor changes. Here is how these subsequent models differ from 850XP.

The 850XP sports additional winglets on the outboard wings which extends its operating range. It also features a redesigned interior and upgraded avionics.

The 750 has a light weight interior and an external baggage unit in place of the aft ventral fuel tank seen in 850XP. But because of decrease in fuel availability, the range and maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is less than the 850XP.

The Hawker900XP features Honeywell engines and new avionics equipment that contributes to a longer range. If you are a novice to aviation terms, range refers to the distance covered for each unit of fuel that is burned.

An interesting feature of the Hawker 850, an integral part of the fleet at ECS Jets is its ability to land on short runways, grass, or even gravel.

What makes the Hawker 850 series a popular charter jet?

Customers flying Exclusive Charter Service jets love the roomy mid-size cabin, great speed,

and range offered by the Hawker 850 when compared to other mid-size jets. At a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet, the Hawker 850 can offer a comfortable ride for 8 passengers along with 2 crew members. It is a favorite with V.I.P’s as it has the industry’s best safety records. Do you know that the Hawker 850 model is the one that took two missile hits and yet managed to make a safe emergency landing with an African Head of State onboard? Now you know why the Hawker 850 is popular with V.I.P’s.

There are 477 Hawker 850 aircrafts in operation with around 300 of them in the U.S and the remaining located in other countries. A Hawker 850 can handle most of the trips that a bigger jet flies, and at a lower cost. Whether it is a short flight or a transcontinental journey, customers flying Exclusive Charter Service jets trust a Hawker 850 to transport them safely to the destination of their choice.


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