Art Basel – Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach

If you needed another reason to visit Miami this winter and escape the frigid cold of December, try Art Basel for the 2015 Miami Beach exhibition. What is Art Basel you ask?

In 1970 a trio of art connoisseurs – Trudi Bruckner, Balz Hilt, Ernst Beyeler – in Switzerland decided to form and initiate Art Basel, an art exhibition grander in scale and spectrum than previously attempted for diverse artists to showcase their myriad works. The fair’s success was so great and the exhibit so expertly curated that in less than five years Art Basel was attracting several tens of thousands of visitors to see a few hundred exhibitors. As of 2002 Art Basel traversed the globe and opened another inspired exhibition in Miami Beach with renowned success leading to yet another opening in Hong Kong in 2013 resulting in more of the same kind of popularity and attendance. Art basel is not only unique in it’s scale but also in the contemporary and modern artists that are exhibited there and the cultural intersection created by the diverse groups of artists and curators that participate. Quite intentionally, Art Basel’s penchant for selecting global cities like Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach, Florida; and Hong Kong demonstrates a commitment to using art as a conduit. Miami Beach is at the center of the Western Hemisphere’s North and South America both geographically and perhaps culturally. Equally, Hong Kong is the city joining the Eastern and Western Hemispheres just as Basel, Switzerland itself is debatably art’s epicenter of Europe, perhaps more persuasively since the inception of Art Basel.

In 2014 the Miami show enticed over 75, 000 art folk consisting of dealers, curators, critics, artists and mere enthusiasts to indulge in over 267 various galleries from approximately 30 different countries around the world. In total there were approximately 4000 different artists displaying their art for auction generating an astounding $3 billion during and after auction. By offering a platform for artists of such varied backgrounds and artistic spirit, Art Basel has created a very special opportunity for the artists with a global stage in a premier exhibit as well as a magnificent chance for dealers, curators and collectors to witness the brilliance of the aforementioned artists and even interact with them. In addition, every year there are dozens of celebrity musicians, actors and other various artists who go just to be a part of the celebration.

This year thousands of art dealers and collectors will be flocking to Florida’s Miami Beach for the city’s 14th annual Art Basel premiere beginning this December 3rd and culminating this December 6th. Of course there will be plenty to enjoy pre show as well as peripheral exhibitions if you can’t make the main event. This year the exhibit will feature masters of modern and contemporary art from around the globe and will also be welcoming a number of bright-eyed artists hoping to carve, sculpt paint (or what have you) their way into the history of art and Art Basel annals. On exhibit in the main hall will be paintings, sculptures, films and other installations. In the surrounding area will be large scale installations, outdoor films, performance art and more.

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