Anguilla – The Unspoiled Caribbean

Anguilla – The Unspoiled Caribbean

With some of the world’s largest stretches of pristine white beaches and more restaurants per acre (100+) than New York City, Anguilla certainly makes it to the top of luxury island destinations you can take off to for the weekend. A short 6 hour commercial flight from NYC or a shorter 3.5 hour hop on your Exclusive Charter Service jet to Anguilla and you’ll arrive at the carefree island enclave which is the height of Caribbean luxury.

Located just north of St. Maarten, this 16 mile long island is mostly untouched beaches and luxury hotels. It must have been divine intervention or an extremely savvy decision maker back in the 1980s who limited development on Anguilla to private boutique hotels and elegant, luxury resorts. Forward 35+ years into the future and what you have is an island with the Caribbean’s highest concentration of luxury properties – minus casinos, shopping malls and large cruise ships.

Unlike its many commercialized neighbors, Anguilla continues to retain its underdeveloped charm and an extremely local flavour. The Western half of the island – including Shoal Bay West, Rendezvous Bay and Meads Bay – houses most of the commercial properties, while the East is largely residential. Whether you prefer to walk the cliff’s edge at Malliouhana Hotel and Spa or indulge in Moorish fantasies at the Cap Juluca, you’ll be spoiled for choice of where to stay. However, if you truly want to experience your very own private island vacation stay, Anguilla’s Super Villas are the way to go. Renting an entire house affords you total seclusion with all the extravagant amenities associated with a luxury resort including butler services. If you hop in on an Exclusive Charter Service jet to Anguilla and book yourself into a private villa, you can rest assure your time there will be completely undisturbed.

Food too is another aspect that Anguilla takes very seriously.  Anguilla has become quite the Caribbean culinary experience and gives its French neighbor, St. Barts, some serious competition.   Altamer by the sea offers mouth watering lobster chicken  truffle sausage and orange-ginger roast duck. Blanchard’s is as famous as its cream-less corn chowder and Le Bar offers a dose of trendy St. Barth’s dining without having to jet off the island. Deon’s Overcook spoils you with desserts while Trattoria Tramonto is a great place to be with kids. Don’t miss out the fresh lobsters being barbecued on the beaches almost nightly.

The spa scene at Anguilla is pure luxury at the Spa at Malliouhana, which offers aromatherapies, facials, polishes, wraps and everything in-between.  At CuisinArt’s Venus Spa you can rejuvenate and reconnect with your inner self with yoga sessions amongst the palms soothed by the sound of waves. Cap Juluca is reportedly inviting masseurs from Bali to up the wellness ante.

Sailors can make merry with a private catamaran trip to the secluded Prickly Pears Cays. Snorkelling on this coral island is best of the Shoal Bay East beach. Surfers will find the breeziest spots at Rendezvous Bay. The undertow at Captain’s Bay is a warning best heeded. Beachcombing and sunset swims are almost mandatory on the island. Shoppers may find themselves a little disappointed at Anguilla but can easily hop on a 30-minute ferry ride to St. Maarten for their retail fix.

Anguilla is certainly buzzing and quickly becoming the hotspot beach getaway. Exclusive Charter Service jets can get you to this island in just a few hours and take you away from your hectic, fast paced corporate life.  Are you ready to lie back on a windswept tropical isle and relax in true Caribbean style with rum punch on the beach?

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