Air Charter Company Introduces Pilot Breathalyzer Tests

Air Charter Company Introduces Pilot Breathalyzer Tests

Business jet management and charter company Exclusive has become the first Part 135 operator to ask its crewmembers to take the new SoberLink breathalyzer test before each flight. For now, the test is voluntary although Exclusive says that its pilots are in agreement with the program.

Exclusive has equipped its flight crew with SoberLink, which not only records and transmits blood alcohol levels but also GPS location and a photo to positively verify identity. If alcohol is detected an alert will be sent via text or email.

“Our company does full background checks on all employees, as well as subscribes to outside safety agency programs, such as Argus and Wyvern,” said Exclusive president Jason Johnson. “Exclusive believes in adding this additional level of security to ensure the highest level of safety.”

Johnson said he was spurred by recent events where private jet pilots were arrested for alcohol usage. “In August, a copilot was arrested after police said his blood alcohol content was four times what is legal to drive a car. When our team learned that this happened to a very reputable New York-based private jet company, they immediately looked for an answer to prevent, and make sure we are not victim to, the same situation,” he commented.

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