5 Steps That Make It Easier to Book a Private Jet in Minutes

There are several ways you can easily book a private jet. Going online to the private jet provider’s website or calling their hotline are the fastest ways to book your trip. However, following these steps will help you avoid any delays in booking, errors on flight schedules or even scams and additional charges.

Book with confidence using the following steps to book your very own chartered private jet for your vacation or business trip:

STEP ONE: Have a List of Details

Planning ahead is the most fundamental thing to do when traveling. It doesn’t have to be very detailed. You can start with a list that includes your point of origin, destination, the number of passengers and their complete names and passport numbers. You should also list any preferences for meals or any medical conditions that may impact their experience on board the private jet. Make sure to include the time you prefer to fly and specify any other multi-city routes if applicable.

STEP TWO: Ask For Help From An Authorized Representative

Talking to an authorized representative from a private jet provider secures your booking and keeps your data confidential. Remember to contact the jet provider directly through their website and service offices and not from a secondary source to avoid scams.

STEP THREE: Ask Questions

Do you have questions on what to bring when chartering a private jet? Ask your jet provider to clear up any misconceptions and be prepared for your flight.

STEP FOUR: Make Payment From Trusted Channels Only

Most private jet providers will provide you with a link to access their payment channels where you can enter your credit card details. You can also book with your jet card membership so you can just swipe and use the balance on your card.

STEP FIVE: Confirm Immediately Your Booking

Once the payment is made, make sure to check that your booking details like the jet type, number of passengers and all other info have been confirmed by your jet provider. A confirmation email is usually sent to your inbox or the private jet provider gives you a code. Make sure to keep these confidential.

Booking a private jet is easy when you know the steps. If you’re looking for more affordable flights, you can subscribe to empty legs from a private jet provider for a one-way discounted trip. Empty legs will only give you pre-existing schedules and destinations, so you can try to match it with whatever destination you are heading to.

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