Get the Most Out of Miami Music Week 2016:  Think Outside the Beach

Get the Most Out of Miami Music Week 2016:  Think Outside the Beach


You’ve come to Miami for the music.  EDM, DJs, and performers from across the globe will be there.  Artists you’ve followed from Ibiza to Bangkok, and Johannesburg to Buenos Aires.  Without a doubt, Ultra puts on the world’s best music festivals, in all the right locations.  And you’ve been part of them all, touching down in your private jet just as the party takes off.  Artfully swanning into the most sought-after restaurants.  Skipping the lines, avoiding the posers.  And yet, paradoxically, you’ve also come to be immersed in the crowds. Swallowed up in the pulsing throngs. Moving all night and into the next day. Creating your own scene as you move from venue to venue, hotel to club. Bayfront Park. Nikki Beach. The Delano. Underground clubs too discreet to name. Only a select few have the password.

But, what if, at some point, your feet start to hurt?  What if it rains mightily upon your glorious outdoor rave party? What if, dear God, you just want a little silence and solitude for a half hour? Worst of all, what if you’ve got…a mandatory conference call?

Unforeseen circumstances might arise. It is in that moment that you will truly value the luxury and the freedom afforded by your ECS Jet.

Here, then, is a short list of recommendations on how you can maximize your private jet experience during Miami Music Week:

  1. Don’t have an outfit for tomorrow’s show? Dash down to Rio for the perfect dance floor ensemble. Neoprene. Samba feathers. Fedora.  Check.
  2. Cuba! It’s only 90 miles away.  Sure, Obama got there before you, but you can still beat the masses.  (Rumor has it that there’ll be a Starbucks opening on the Malecon by early 2017. Be there before it happens.) Bring back a few boxes of Cohibas, for your Ultra after party.
  3. Feeling charitable? If you decide to lend Kanye the $53 million, you’ll need a safe place to store those Benjamin’s until he shows his face.
  4. If the Miami Sound Machine tries to stage a musical comeback, you must make your escape quickly. Hop on board and don’t look back. Save your closest friends.
  5. All that champagne has given you a thirst for fine French cuisine. Pop over to Le Gaiac on St. Barth’s for the seared foie gras, followed by the sautéed veal fillet. Maybe a nice tarte tatin for dessert?
  6. Your assistant called. You #1 Middle Eastern client has made an impromptu stop in NYC.  You have been summoned for an evening of unexpected debauchery.
  7. Your wife called. How could you forget tomorrow morning’s entrance interview at the high-end private preschool you’ve had earmarked since before you had kids?
  8. There’s a polo match up in Palm Beach. The traffic on 95 is horrendous. But oh, how you love the ponies.
  9. Lady luck’s been with you all week – the markets have been moving in your favor. Play a couple hands of poker over at the Ritz Carlton San Juan Casino Spa. You won’t even need a passport to get there.
  10. Coincidentally, a couple buddies are sailing around Mustique as we speak.  If you act fast, you can meet them in St. Lucia for a day of sport fishing. Somewhere out there is a tarpon with your name on it.

There’s no doubt that Miami Music Week is the place to be from March 15-20th this year.  But if there’s one thing you know, it’s to expect the unexpected. Be ready for whatever comes your way, and get there in style in your luxury ECS Jet.

Oh, and consider comfortable shoes.

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